Dubai, the king city of United Arab Emirates is renowned for the luxurious life-style it caters to its residents. Walking along its long coast-line and beholding the beauty of sea, is quite an enchanting experience for the visitors. In addition, if you love to dive into the sea of adventures, Dubai seems to be the perfect destination for you.

See Life Dubai offers a large amount of water sports that would surely gratify your childlike adventurous mind. Therefore, fasten your belt to enjoy the exquisite water sports like Jet ski rental, flyfish, wakeboarding, and many others. Water sports in Dubai offers you a wide-range of water activities without which visiting Dubai would be unavailing.

The most sought-after water sports in Dubai

Speed boat ride

Jet ski rental





Sea bob jet diving

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Speed boat ride

Dubai sea-coastline offers the majestic view of the sea. The depth of water along the coast-line is shallow. A Speed boat ride in Dubai Sea is great pastime for the visitors and the residents alike. Hiring a boat for an average of 4 members and jumping into the deep sea is quite a familiar view in Dubai. The speed of the boat can be moderate to fast as per your choice. You can take several rounds of your choice. You can hire a boat for rest of the day.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost350 AED (1 hour) – 6 persons

Jet ski rental

Another most wanted or rather say popular water sport id Jet ski. Jet ski rental Dubai will deliver you an essence of thrill and adventures. During the whole time of riding the jet, you will be on pins and needles. Sealife water sports in Dubai has been becoming quite popular for Jet ski for nowadays. The adventure with the mechanical power and the self-controlled speed of the Jet ski is something that you should not ignore in Dubai visit. In the proximity of the deeper sea level can hike the romance quotient for the couples

Approximate cost:  Minimum cost400 AED (30 mins) – 1 or 2 persons


Parasailing Thrill in Dubai

Without the parasailing, your Dubai diary would not be completed anymore. Parasailing in Dubai seems to be the perfect water sports for them who do not like much speed. If you are obsessed with the beauty of sea in slow manner Parasailing in Dubai is the appropriate choice you need to include in your Dubai visit. The tranquillity of the sea, measuring the depth of the beauty with a soft melancholic music is just an ‘wow’ factor involved in parasailing. The view of the sea from the up would definitely enrich your view. The moment of coming down the sea surface will drive your excitement level up.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost 400 AED (15 mins) – 1 person


One of the enchanting water sports in Dubai is none other than flyboarding. The feeling of supernatural power, that adrenal rush, that nerve wracking tingling are something that is delivered in during flyboarding in Dubai. All you need to do is standing on a jetpack that will throw you up with the help of a powerful motor. The lead from the sea surface is an exhilarating incident you should not avoid if you are in Dubai. You will be guided by an instructor. Therefore, no chance to get an injury and harm. The sudden and unexpected leap will lead you to the movie world and suddenly you will start feeling like a superhero with supernatural power. Flyboarding in Sealife water sports will provide you complete safety measurements.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost 500 AED (30 mins) – 1 person


Basically, people coming in visiting purpose in Dubai do not leave the opportunity to go for Flyfish Dubai. In this water sport, you can find an inflatable speed boat hovering into the sky. People are attached by the straps with the help of speedboats. There would be instructors guiding you every moment and placating your fear of excitement. The feeling of being hovered in the sky and gazing the sea from the up is a mesmerising feeling you should not cut out form you Dubai diary. Don’t worry for the safety purpose as guide are quite alert and diligent regarding your safety. The equipment used in Flyfishing are ready to take care of your safety and the instructors are well trained here.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost 450 AED (30 mins) – 4 persons


Wakeboarding in Dubai is appropriate for those who love to dig deep into the adventures. If you love to take challenges and you are a person of robust mentality then don’t ignore to relish the flavour of this challenge. The most important part of the Wakeboarding in Dubai is being in constant attempt to play with the sea waves. In this sport, both of the legs are strapped to wakeboard propelled by motorboat. One of the most adventurous sports in Dubai that would enhance your skill in sustain into the deep-sea water. Children 8 years onwards can be safely placed in Wakeboarding. 

Approximate cost: Minimum cost 450 AED (30 mins) – 1 person

Sea bob jet diving

For an ultimate pleasure in the sea level, you must choose the Sea bob jet diving in Dubai. Its, thrilling driving experience will make you feel free from the world and all of a sudden you will start thinking that you are the pioneer of the human beings. A sea bob jet is required to take you down under the deep-sea level. The motor driven boat will help you to adopt the high speed gradually for going down sea.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost150 AED (30 mins) – 1 person

Donut ride

Donut ride Dubai
Donut ride is quite an adventures water sports with the help of an inflatable speed boat in the water. The speed boat resembling to the donut is quite larger in size as to hold a number of 5 persons into it. In Dubai, the donut riding has been quite a popular water sport for years. You can enjoy the majesty of sea and the sunset on the horizons with your families, friends and the closest ones in a donut ride.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost450 AED (30 mins) – 5 persons

Banana ride

Banana Boat Ride

One of the funkiest ways to dive into the sea water is none other than banana ride where a banana shaped speed boat will take you into the sea water. A sail on the horizon with a banana speed boat is really an amusement. Considering the age of the riders, a standard speed has been set for the banana boat riding. The instructors are well trained and takes care of the safety measures.

Approximate cost: Minimum cost 450 AED (30 mins) – 5 persons

The Dubai visit has really been an impeccable experience for me. But, without accessing the different kind of water sports the trues essence of the Dubai would be elusive. I personally prefer the Sea life water sports as they helped me a lot in executing the water sports riding. Their instructors were well trained and safety measures were appropriate.

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