About Fly Fish Ride in Dubai

Flyfish is the activity that will tow an inflatable tube with the high-speed boat, so when we towing in the high-speed tube will come above the water and start to fly. If you’re a person who is seeking thrill water rides, then you should not miss out on the fly fish ride in Dubai. The huge E-shaped inflatable raft pulled by a powerful speed boat gives you a horse ride feeling on Dubai waters. Get on the inflatable raft with your friends and family members and feel the goosebumps and splash of water by standard straddle method or holding the hand straps through lying flat.

We will provide you with all the mandatory details about the fly fish ride and when you’re ready, our speedboat captain will initiate the ride. Get your adrenaline boost with a spectacular flyfish ride in Dubai with us.

Flyfish Dubai Packages

Fly Fish
Fly Fish Ride in Dubai Tour
  • 30Min
  • 4Person
  • 450AED
Fly Fish
Fly Fish Ride in Dubai Tour
  • 60Min
  • 4Person
  • 900AED

Fly Fish Ride in Dubai Tour Overview

Fly fish ride provides a unique experience as the speedboat makes multiple twists and turns, which will give you an adrenaline pump. We do a regular quality test of the speed boat and water sports equipment to ensure your safety. Enjoy the fun-loving ride with your friends and family side by side and witness the thrill and appealing coastline view. Get the goosebumps by Soaring above the Dubai waters for several seconds when fly fish bounce while sailing with heavy wind. We provide various fly fish ride packages, and you can choose the most suitable and budget-friendly ride with us.

Our team of professionals will give the necessary instructions before the ride. With us, you do not have to worry about anything as our experts will take care of everything to deliver an extraordinary, thrilling experience with proper safety. Fly fish ride in Dubai will unlock the limitations of excitement and make you witness Dubai from a different perspective. List the fly fish ride in your Dubai tour with us.

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