About Donut Ride in Dubai

Many families enjoy all the water sports towable on Dubai trip or who have a residence here. Donut ride in Dubai is also an adventurous water sport activity. Inflatable shaped as donut pulled with a speedboat in Dubai waters. Multiple people can sit on the donut and feel the water splash in an enthralling ride over the huge water boundary.

Sea Life Dubai gets the expectational thrilling donut ride in Dubai for you and your loved ones to witness the panorama view of sunset and coastline. Our powerful speedboat and team of instructors will take care of your safety so that you can enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Dubai Donut Ride Packages

Donut Ride
Book a Donut Ride
  • 30Min
  • 5Person
  • 450AED
Donut Ride
Book a Donut Ride
  • 1Hr
  • 5Person
  • 900AED

Experience the Enthralling Donut Ride in Dubai

If you’re on a Dubai family vacation and looking out for fun water sports, then you should not miss the Donut ride. Donut ride is similar to the banana boat ride. However, both of the rides give a unique, thrilling, and fun-filling experience that makes your Dubai vacation an unforgettable one. We at Sea Life Dubai take you and your loved ones on a long hurdling Donut ride. This way, you can explore the other side of Dubai and get a chance to expose beyond Dubai’s busy life culture.

We offer multiple packages of Donut ride in Dubai for you to choose the most affordable and suitable. Our expert speed boat captain will start the ride on your go signal and balance the speed as per your expectations. The professional guide will give you the necessary details and confidence so you can enjoy the Donut ride to the fullest with proper safety.

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