Important Points to Consider Before Booking Parasailing:

✅ Identification Requirement: Please ensure that you bring a valid and original ID for verification purposes.

✅ Weight Limits: The minimum weight required for flying is 50 kg, while the maximum weight limit is set at 170 kg. If the combined weight of participants in a parasailing activity exceeds 180kg (400 Pounds), the participants must be required to do separate parasail flights, and there will be an additional charge of 100 AED for each individual flight.

✅ Age Restrictions: Children aged 6 years and above are allowed to participate in the parasailing activity.

✅ Parental Consent for Minors: For participants under 18 years old, a parental or guardian waiver is mandatory, which will need to be signed on the minor’s behalf.

✅ Shared Tour: Please be aware that the parasailing tour is not private, and other individuals will be joining the activity.

✅ Tour Duration: The duration of the tour can vary and may last between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. The actual flight time during this period will be approximately 12 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

✅ Parachute Selection: The selection of parachutes will be made by the captain based on weather factors such as wind speed and the total weight of participants.

✅ Changing Boats: On certain occasions, it may be necessary to change boats due to busy scheduling for drop-off and pick-up during the parasailing activity.

✅ Weather Safety Measures: The safety of our participants is of utmost importance to us. If the captain evaluates the weather conditions as unsafe, the parasailing tour may be postponed, canceled, or refunded accordingly.

Jetski Rules and Regulations

✅ Jetski riders should be Aged 16 years or above, by UAE Law. Below 16 can sit behind an adult rider.

✅ Please bring a valid and original ID card per Jetski for riding Jetski.

✅ All trips & routes are subject to the weather condition of the scheduled date & time and also according to the route permission from the coast guard/ authorities for the scheduled date

✅ The maximum number of passengers per Jetski is 2.

✅ For your safety and security, our Trainer will follow you throughout the trip with another Jetski.

✅ Must wear a Life jacket all the time


If there are any damages caused to the Yachts or Boats as a direct result of the actions for the client or their guests. The damage and causes of the damage will be notified to the client in writing within 24 hours. A respective contractor will be instructed to provide an official quotation for the repair or replacement of the damaged area. This quote will be forwarded to the client or guest and the amount needs to settle within the prior. Any dispute to the damage caused can be registered to the Operations Manager at Sea Life Watersports Dubai.

✅ Any extra cleaning required as a result of your charter is deemed chargeable under the damage waiver agreement.

✅ Any ones incurred through the local marine authority as a direct action or failure to comply with Sealife policies by the lead named charterer or their guests will be chargeable under the damage waiver.

✅ No liability or responsibility is accepted for any loss or additional expenses incurred by accident, injury, sickness or death.

✅ All persons under the age of 21 years must be supervised by a mature adult.

✅ No animals or pets of any sort may be taken on board as per UAE laws.

✅ No Smoking throughout the yacht’s interior. Failure to comply will lead to immediate termination of the charter.

✅ Children below 1 year old are allowed onboard yachts of 42ft plus.

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