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Majesty 101ft luxury yacht is a massive superstructure with such a gorgeous design that it draws the attention of every traveler. The living areas are well decorated, with plenty of headroom and open space. There are four bedrooms with well-ventilated living areas where you can feel like royalty. The rooms are professionally equipped and upholstered to provide you with the most comfortable and adventurous experience possible. Nothing beats the pleasure of savoring exquisite steak while floating through gorgeous

Key Featuress

  •  Majesty 101 FT Yacht
  •  One Toilet
  •  Max. 50 people
  •  4 Bed Room
  •  One Dining Room
  •  One Kitchen
  •  Lounge
  •  Washing area
  •  Sun Deck Sitting Area
  •  Fishing Equipment
  •  Swimming Equipment
  •  Onboard Juices
  •  Music System
  •  Refrigerator
  •  Safety Equipment
  •  Soft drinks & Refreshments
  •  AED 3000/Hour + 5% VAT
  •  Trained Captain & Crew


    • Professional Licensed Captain & Crew
    • 5 star Services as standard
    • Soft Beverages & Refreshments
    • Ice & Bottled Drinking Water
    • Safety equipment
    • Fuel

Add-on services

We provide variety of Add-on services with our Yacht service.

AED 3000
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