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Summers are here are so are the days of enjoying water sports. Water sports are exciting and fabulous due to the adrenaline rush they offer. Adventure water sports take the extent of fun and frolic to a whole new level. First-time adventure sports participants are always eager to make their maiden experience unique and memorable. There is an understandable element of anxiousness and anticipation before experiencing any sports event for the first time.

Parasailing is one such water sport that attracts first-timers in huge numbers. The prospect of flying 300 feet above water strapped into a harness attached to a line secured with a single knot shouts every bit of excitement. It is normal to feel the first-time jitters, but a basic overview can help you mentally prepare for your maiden parasailing. Read and explore a few ways to brace yourself for your first ever parasailing experience.

Establish Your Acquaintance with The Equipment

Parasailing has a few crucial pieces of equipment that you require familiarization with to realize the process of parasailing. The knowledge of the equipment will help you stay safe at every step of your ride. A sung life jacket can help you stay safe if you land on water at any moment during the ride. You will sit within a body harness, which acts as a seat and attaches to the passenger tow bar at either end. The tow bar extends to the chute, and the towline runs to the boat.

Follow Weather Forecasts to Anticipate Conditions

The most important factors influencing your parasail are ideal wind and water conditions. Make sure you are well aware of the current weather conditions before going for the parasail. A great parasail experience demands consistent high wind to remain afloat. Inconsistent wind makes boating unpleasant and unsafe, whereas wind gusts accompanied by thunderstorms could postpone the sail. Clear and vibrant days are most suitable and provide you and the boat captain with optimum visibility and proper communication.

Identify Your Limits

Many water sports providers have different age and weight limits for parasailers with 16 or 18 years with adult guidance. In most cases with multiple riders, the combined weight should lie within 150 to 450 pounds. These weight specifications apply accordingly for individual parasailers.

Make an Acquaintance with The Crew

Communicating with people once you get up in the air can be difficult, making crew communication more significant. Most crews use typical hand or arm gestures to convey direction, speed, or when you would like to end the sail. Few organizers arrange microphones, but it doesn’t hurt to know the hand signals.

Learn The Details About Your Water Sport Organizer

Reviews of popular water activities and adventure sports organizers are critical when selecting one. Although reviews on social media are not conclusive, you can obtain a good sense of what to expect from the parasailing crew. Go through negative reviews to see instances of bad experiences and, if possible, ask the organizers to explain the discrepancy.

Parasailing is an exciting water sport that can give you fond memories to cherish with your loved ones. You can go for your maiden parasailing with your friends, associates or your family and get an incredible experience.Sea Life Dubai is all about making your parasailing ride in Dubai a joyride and spectacular. They are one of the most sought parasailing ride service providers in Dubai with a variety of other water sports. Plan your first or next parasailing ride with Sea Life Dubai.

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