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If you desire to be at a place where a luxurious waterfront lifestyle, astonishing architecture and abundance of thrilling activities cater to your adventurous heart, you cannot avoid being in Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina is an urban oasis located amidst the innovative skyline of Dubai. You can experience various exhilarating experiences while you are in Dubai Marina. However, parasailing in Dubai Marina stands out as it offers you the opportunity to have a unique view of the city’s beauty while you fly high above the gleaming water of the Marina. Today, we will explore the adventurous world of aerial adventure possible to have in Dubai Marina and discover the thrill of the adrenaline-pumping activity of parasailing.  

The Excitement of Parasailing

You must have noticed people parasailing staying harnessed to a parachute while a speedboat tows them. If you undertake this adventurous activity in Dubai Marina, you will have the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of Dubai city and the Arabian Gulf. The wind and the sun brushing your body along with the bird’s eye view of the city will let you have a feeling of pure freedom. You will be looking down upon the luxurious yachts, and the towers, and witness the lively activity of the Marina from high above. It is a sight, which only a selected few have the chance to view.

If you desire to enjoy most while parasailing in Dubai Marina you need to have a clear idea about a few aspects before trying to parasail.

The ideal time to parasail 

If you wish to have an adventurous and exciting experience while parasailing you need to have an understanding of when to try this adventurous watersports. The activity entirely depends on the wind and weather conditions. The ideal time to parasail is from November to March. These are the winter months and the temperature is ideal for outdoor sports. Moreover, the evening slot in Dubai is the ideal period, as you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset in the backdrop.

Places to Parasailing in Dubai Marina 

There are various places in Dubai where you can enjoy parasailing. You can be at Jumeirah Beach, JBR Beach, Al Sufouh Beach, Aquaventure Beach, or Burj Beach. It would be best to depend on the reputed rental organization to be at the best place for parasailing as they have the idea of the best location.

Requirements for having ideal parasailing experience

A few requirements need to be followed if you desire to have an ideal parasailing experience. Let us have a look at a few of those. 

  • If you are pregnant or have cardiac problems or head or neck injuries, it is wise to avoid this watersports. 
  • You need to have identity proof and a medical certificate 
  • It is ideal know swimming if you wish to participate in parasailing
  • You need to follow the ideal dress code
  • It is prudent to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, an additional set of clothing, a towel and a camera

By now, you must have decided to enjoy parasailing in Dubai Marina. However, there are a few questions, which might be bothering you. Let us clear those doubts.

The questions that bother your mind

The preliminary question might be the cost. The cost varies between AED350 to AED400 per person and if you are with a reputed rental organization, you can expect to have 20 to 25% off.

You need to be at least six years old and if you are under the age of 18 you need to have the signature of your parents as a liability waiver. Moreover, you need to be between the weight of 160 lbs and 450 lbs.

It is easy to parasail and there is no requirement of previous experience. Sea Life Watersports stands out amongst the rental organizations in Dubai to offer ideal parasailing adventures in Dubai. Call them at +971 50 433 2725 to book your parasailing adventure. They have the best equipment and professional guides to ensure a safe and adventurous parasailing trip.

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