5 Top-Notch Adventures in Dubai

For years, Dubai, the queen of UAE has gained immense popularity for the architectural beauty, spacious desert, alluring buildings, and Burj Khalifa. With time, Dubai has created the other dimensions of adventure, and entertainment to attar more tourists. The 5 top-picked adventures in Dubai that tourists most enjoy are briefly elaborated in the next paragraphs.

Sand Boarding

Located at the center of spacious desert, most of the Dubai adventurous activities revolve around this sandy desert. With the minimum age limit of 13 years anyone can indulge into thus experience to glide down the sandy dunes of this desert.

Dune Bashing

Not very familiar, but quite interesting adventure is dune bashing that only requires a SUV. Just fasten yourself with seat belts, and enjoy the ride at the optimal highest speed through the dessert. One of the best family adventures dune basing requires lots of courage. The minimum age limit is set to 3 years.

Special Offers on Water Sports in Dubai


It might be quite surprising to you that how the queen of dessert can offer skiing experience to its tourists. But, it’s absolutely possible as the Mall of Emirates contains a special ski resort, Ski Dubai. Anyone with the minimum age limit of 3 years can join the ski adventure.

Bungee Jumping

When it comes to thrilling and exciting, bungee jumping must occupy the top position in list. Dubai made the world record in bungee jumping in 2014 with a record of 151 jumps within 24 hours. Jump from the 50 metre height with the dangling with help of bungee requires a lot of courage and zest for adventure. Minimum age limit for bungee jumping is 14 years while the maximum weight limit is set up to 12 kilograms.

Efoil Riding

However, e-foil riding is a new addition in water sports activities, still it’s demand in tourists has reached the sky. Efoil adventurous ride would give you an experience of walking through the sea. This e-foil ride requires a little bit expertise so that the riders can nail the balance through the sea.

In case of e-foil riding, safety must be the top priority for the riders. Therefore, this activity must be executed in the surveillance of a professional. Sea Life Dubai, one of the top Efoil rental service providers in Dubai offers a team of experts to guide as well as supervise at every step of your riding. Indeed, Dubai is the land of adventures, excitement and extravagance. These thrill-filled adventures have marked this city as one of the best destinations among the adventure seekers. Such amazing adventures would stimulate your adrenaline hormones for sure.

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