Decade ago, Dubai was known for its spacious desert and a few beaches. It was considered a land of camel where anything substantial for living a standard life seemed to be scarce. However, Dubai, the tinsel city of UAE gradually improved the architecture, construction, and the standard of life which have made it one of the most-luxurious cities in the world. And this entire credit goes to Dubai government.

Due to rapid digital evolution, Dubai government have launched some high-end smart apps in order to simplify the lives of citizens. You must need to be aware of theses apps as these apps are marketed to improve your knowledge, convenience & lifestyle.

Dubai Calendar (Events)

This app is launched for the purpose of keeping track of occasions as well as events with notifications. Music, fashion, culture and other things are included in the brief list of this occasions. Now it’s impossible to miss out our favorite one.

The UAE Pass (Online Verification)

Access to any kind of government service is easy now by using this app. Through this pass you can get into the service center authorized by UAE government. Seamless accessibility to UAE ID, Visa, and other UAE facilities you can avail through this app.

Dubai Now (Multiple Services)

This smart app is undoubtedly amazing as it offers easy access to education, health, driving, ticket booking and many. This app works as a multitasker to facilitate your lifestyle.

Smart Salik (Tolls)

This app is a very useful software for the people traveling from one place to another place in UAE. It keeps tracing the various rate of toll at various spots.  It helps you maintain the government rules by keeping record of the toll balance you have paid.

DHA APP (Health)

This app would help you to access Dubai Health Authority’s services through your phone directly. From keeping record of booking an appointment to tracking the medications, this app would help you achieve the goal of your health. To make it more personalized you can integrate the app to your fitness goals.

S’hail (Public Transport)

This app is the journey partner if you travel and move around Dubai. Ticket booking, and the overall journey planning with a map of your route, riding metro, or bus, this app is the best pubic transport guide ever.

Dubai Police (Public Security)

This app is launched by UAE government for the security purpose. Functions those this app covers are fine payment, reporting of crime, violence or lost things. This app would undoubtedly make you feel more safe than ever.

Dubai Rest (Real Estate)

This real-estate app is the perfect guidance and service provider for not only users but also brokers. From helping the owners and tenants to execute registration and cancellation process to give you access to the property information, this app is really helpful.

Smart Drive Dubai (Driving)

Smart Driving Dubai is another valuable app from the RTA, designed to help you navigate whilst driving. This easy-to-use app offers much more detail than Google Maps and is tailored to Dubai’s road system, giving you important information like what lane to be in at junctions. The app is regularly updated and unlike other navigation apps, as long as you have wifi or mobile data when setting your destination, the app does not require a mobile internet connection whilst driving.

In the era of digital advance and evolution of technology, use of apps seem to be quite helpful to facilitate our lifestyle. And these UAE government apps made the easier as well as faster. Stay connected with Sea Life Dubai to receive regular updates and valuable tips about the enchanting city of Dubai. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, staying informed through Sea Life Dubai ensures that you remain up-to-date with the latest developments, must-visit locations, and exciting activities in this vibrant metropolis. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and entertainment with Sea Life Dubai as your trusted companion, guiding you through the wonders of Dubai with expertise and finesse.

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