It’s time to consider alternatives to the jet ski and get in a jet car if you enjoy the Dubai coastline and water sports. The idea of driving on the clear waters of the ocean sounds amazing and exciting. The newest addition to water sports where you can ride speed boats shaped after famous vehicles is this new water activity.

The newest billionaire toy in Dubai is a jet automobile that is based on corvettes, coupes, and chargers. You’ll be edging closer to this thrilling ride as it waits at the harbour so you may take a ride on it. A jet car distinguishes itself from all other types of water activities due to its intriguing shape and attractiveness.

A Jet Car’s First Impression

Initial impressions of a jet automobile from a distance are similar to those of a jet ski. It functions and feels like a speed boat, though, when you get closer and inside. The jet car’s interior features car-like elements such as a steering wheel, gas pedal, and gear selector. It does not have a jet ski-style brake.

Beginning Your Ride

The dashboard of a jet automobile features buttons for numerous purposes. The start button is easily reachable by the driver and is located in the centre. The jet car starts when the start button is pressed. You can throttle the jet car by pressing the gas pedal. Since there are no brakes, your ride speed is controlled by how hard you press down on the gas pedal.

Engine and controls for a jet car ride

The 2000 cc engine, which is located at the back and is identical to those seen in modern supercars, can reach speeds of up to 100 kmph. The primary cabin lights, running lights, and a windscreen wiper are all controlled via several buttons on the centre console. You can use the wiper to remove the splash-induced fogging on the windscreen. Compared to a jet ski, you get fewer splashes, but when more enormous waves hit you, you will get soaked. In case you lose track of your location, the other accessories include a GPS and a RADAR that can assist you to get directions. In contrast to conventional cars, jet cars don’t have any working doors. Thus, the only method of boarding the chairs is by stepping directly on board the jetcar.

Check out Sea Life Dubai if you’re searching for a jet vehicle ride service in Dubai. They provide you with a top-notch jet car trip and an amazing experience. Be one of the select few to drive a car across Dubai’s clear waters while taking in the city’s famous attractions.

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