Arranging an outing to Dubai however, doesn’t have any idea what you will eat? Well, you are in good company, for some individuals who go to Dubai are in many cases confounded about what to eat and what not to eat. Food in Dubai is one more motivation to visit the extravagance trickling town.

You will track down a mix of Lebanese, Iranian, and Arabic food, which is so tasty that you may desire more. Giving you foodgasms, Dubai cuisine has a lot of choices, from vegan to non-veggie lovers. Let us have a look at a few of those.

Manousheh Pizza 

If you are searching for the specialities of Dubai, you can eat the local pizza of Dubai to get an interesting taste of Dubai cuisine. It is a stretched dough which, whenever loaded up with local fixings and exotic garnishes, including natural Zaatar spices, olive oil, and Akkawi Cheddar, makes it totally drool-worthy. The cost of such a pizza is 35 AED.

Iranian Sangak

Preparing the best Dubai Food, Iranian Sangak is a treat for bread lovers, for this raised flatbread is served in either a rectangular shape or plain and is comprised of wholewheat. It is one of the popular foods in Dubai, which you ought to try. This bread can likewise be made gluten-free and is the most loved food for health-conscious persons. You can have it with a Basin and Bulgarian Feta. The price is about 15 AED.

Chelo Kaba

This is another food item that you need to taste when you are in Dubai in 2024. If you have any desire to treat your taste buds with the best food in Dubai, then head to Chelo Kabab. Adding one seriously scrumptious dish to Dubai cuisine, the Basmatice rice presented with Kebabs resembles having a piece of paradise in your mouth.

It is accepted to be out of the world and tastes heavenly. It is the best non-vegan food in Dubai that adds to your culinary experience. Have it with Sour Zereshk Berries and a fragrant drill to enjoy the best. The cost of these kebabs is 20 AED.

Al Harees

To encounter the true taste of Dubai, you ought to try the famous dish, Al Harees. It is a combination of wheat, meat, a touch of salt, and a couple of hours of baking.

Any local will exhort you where you can track down this mouth-watering food in Dubai, for they are exceptionally warm and friendly. The most ideal way to have Al Harees is with samen, which is butter, and powdered cinnamon. If you have a sweet tooth lean toward Al Harees with a touch of sugar, making it worth each penny you spend. The cost of this dish is 35 AED.

Al Machboos

Presently the most thrilling food in Dubai is the Al Machboos. Because of its zesty flavours, it is viewed as quite possibly the best food in Dubai and a novel dish of Dubai cuisine that makes travellers insane as they take their most memorable chomp.

Try not to pass up their salad and Raita, it tastes great, but it looks exceptionally easy, so it might befuddle you regardless of whether the taste is great.

It will only cost you 20 AED to taste this cuisine.


If you are searching for customary food in Dubai and don’t have any idea what to go for, then, you can attempt this well-known dish from Dubai cuisine, Mandi.

The dish takes time to prepare meat or chicken, anything that you are having Mandi with, takes time to be ready as the meat and chicken are cooked for an extended time and afterwards presented with rice. You can find Mandi in the Old City of Dubai, where you can track down different rarities too. This is one of the most well-known customary foods in Dubai. The cost to bear is only 15 AED.


If you are very diet cognizant and have been exercising for quite a while, yet presently you are on your trip to Dubai and you can’t exercise here, you have the choice of practising good eating habits. The most secure bet is to only go for Tabbouleh and enjoy the tasty taste while likewise remaining healthy. You can try this dish with corn and blueberry or stuffed grapes to have a better taste. The cost of this dish is 20 AED.

These are a few of the Dubai cuisine that you must try during your vacation. If you are in Dubai between 23 to 25th February this year you can be at Taste of Dubai a food festival organized at Skydive. The tickets for this food festival start from 55 AED and it will give you exposure to various cuisines cooked by renowned chefs and food outlets.

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