Top Rated Couple Activities Dubai

Dubai, being the abode of marvelous architectural beauty, & many other iconic sightseeing, every year attract a number of outsiders here. Apart from being the center of attraction to the kids, and adults, this tinsel city has been attracting the couples around the world as well. In the true sense, there are a number of couple activity goals across the city that can really make your day with your partner. Through this article, I would briefly discuss the popular couple activities in Dubai.

Dinner at Creek Dhow Dinner Cruise

Nothing can be as perfect as spending a romantic night with your partner in a traditional boat surrounded by arabic culture. The way to express your love for your close one is undoubtedly an inevitable experience. With a mind-alluring vista of Bur Dubai & Deira, romantic fine-dining in an enchanting environment is indeed unforgettable.

What to do:

  • An escape from the hustling & bustling life of city
  • Marvellous delicacies in a celestial ambience

Riding at Hatta Mountain

The undeniable source of pure love always pushes ourselves to attempt something new & daring in life. If really something like this drags you two to jump into the lap of nature for adventure, then Hatta Mountain is the right place for you. Apart from spending quality time in tranquility, the extra achievement is the scenic beauty & taste of amazing village cuisines.

What to do:

  • Heritage of local areas
  • A sudden rise in your mental energy

Enjoying Helicopter ride together

Adventure at its peak. Trust me, if you two really want to feel a series of ‘goosebumps’ in a shorter time frame, you shouldn’t miss the helicopter ride in Dubai. The bird view of the iconic structure of Burj Khalifa, the alluring beauty of JBR, and other historical landmarks would definitely spice up your romance.

What to do:

  • Capturing photos for memories
  • Solidifying the bond with your partner

Doing promises each other at Burj Khalifa

Admittedly, Burj Khalifa is one of those iconic architectures in the world that every year attracts numerous visitors from each corner of the world. Being marked as the tallest building in the world certainly added glory to Dubai tourism. Therefore, enjoying the excitement of riding the world’s tallest tower together could be an undeniable moment for both of you. You can explore the taste of Arabic, Italian & Mexican cuisines as well in various restaurants that Burj Khalifa contains.

What to do:

  • Real taste of authentic Arabic food in an Arabic ambience
  • Doing lots of shopping in Dubai mall, the largest shopping mall in Dubai

Experiencing Dubai Parasailing tour

Your Dubai visit would be incomplete without experiencing the goosebumps while hovering in the sky with parasailing riding. In my opinion, Parasailing in Dubai JBR seems to be an undeniable adventurous couple experience that you can’t resist for sure. Parasailing in Dubai Marina would definitely help you make your bond closer than ever. I personally preferred the assistance of Sea Life Watersports Dubai that made our journey safe & pleasurable.

What to do:

  • Enjoy the view of the sea & beach together
  • Take a walk along beach with hand-in-hand & enjoy the local food

Dubai, these days being the vacation home of youngsters has gained popularity in young couples. Couples in their 20s & 30s are immensely drawn to this tinsel city for the sake of spending leisure time together. Therefore, we can state that Dubai is one of the ost comfortable places or the second abode for the couples of this generation.

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